Super Seed Crackers

Makes about 40 pieces

This fantastic nutrient-dense recipe is from one of my fellow nutrition students and I have great fun playing around with different flavour combinations to make it my own.

Pre-heat oven to 160oC standard oven, or 140oC fan bake oven.

In a bowl add all the following ingredients (NB: You can change the seed ratio and variety to suit your own taste)

Basic Ingredients:
• ½ cup sunflower seeds
• ¾ cups pumpkin seeds
• 2 tbsp chia seeds
• ¼ cup whole flaxseed linseed
• 2 tbsp of poppy seeds
• 2 tbsp packet of sesame seeds
• ½ teaspoon salt (I used a kelp/salt mix)
• ¾ cups warm water

Once all ingredients are in the bowl give them a good stir and then leave them to soak stirring occasionally until all the water has been absorbed, this should take approximately 20 – 30 minutes.

Put baking paper on a baking tray and once the seed mixture is ready, spread the mixture out thinly on the tray.

Then pop the tray in the oven and bake for approximately 1 hour, check on this near the hour to see if they will need less or more depending on your oven, and preferred level of crispiness.

Take out of the oven and while they are still warm break them into individual pieces, then they are ready to enjoy either on their own or with your favourite dip or topping!

These store well in an air-tight container for weeks (if they indeed last that long!).

Flavour combinations I love to make:
• Garlic powder & chilli flakes
• Salt, pepper & thyme
• Salt, pepper & rosemary
• Cumin & coriander
• Garlic powder & oregano
• Finely chopped sundried tomatoes & garlic powder

The amount to add depends on how much you like the flavour. Start with ½ a tsp of each, then add more next time around if it’s not enough for your taste preferences.

These crackers are nutrient dense giants packed full of potassium, fibre, vitamin B6, magnesium, iron, healthy fats, protein, calcium, and iodine (if kelp salt used). They are fantastic lunch box fillers for adults and children alike.